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Color wheel problems

One of the most common problems with Acer projectors is the colour wheel. In some cases just a repair is needed. At times the photo sensor that is attached to the color wheel needs replacing. Some color wheels can shatter inside the projector. If this happens you may hear a loud humming noise coming form the projector or even a black and white image. 

We can repair colour wheels in most instances but on some rare occasions a replacement wheel is needed. 

Missing pixel Problems

Can you see a snow storm all over the projected image? The culprit is often the DMD chip. BUT NOT ALWAYS !!!  Some clients complain of dust inside the lens. This is quite rare but it can happen if some techie blasts compressed air into the projector trying to clean it out. This is a common mistake made by customers trying a quick fix. The Lens unit will need to be completly cleaned out. missing pixels or a spotty image in most cases is a DMD chip that has failed but NOT always.

Booting up but no image Shown.

Turning on the projector will start a series of events inside the projector. The power button sends a signal to the main board chipset to wake the projector up. If it does not turn on then maybe the power ballast has failed. If it turns on but the lamp does not light up could mean a problem with a number of components. Inverter failure, photo sensor failure and even lamp failure could be the issue. At times the mainboard may fail but this is quite rare. 

Some projectors arrive in a terrible state

This is where a service is required

Our service has your projector like new again

Projector DMD chip Replacement- Missing Pixels

Here at Acer projector repairs we can replace your DMD chip in 24h. We charge just £99 for DMD chip replacement. Please note that this does not include the replacement chip. A dmd chip is usually priced at around £100 just for the chip. Sometimes it is less than this price sometimes more.

 The DMD chip is the engine of your projector. Its what does all the work. The DMD chip has thousands of tiny mirrors that adjust the light and create an image on your screen. These mirrors can at times get stuck and this is how you get mising pixels or a snowstorm or small dots showing up on your picture. 
Here at Acer Projector repairs we have many of these chips in stock. We can also clean these chips using a stereo microscope to ensure no dust blobs or even if you have a hair on the image. Call us to now for a super speedy turnaround.


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