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Over 2 decades of Acer repairs. We have worked with thousands of clients to help repair their projectors. Our projector support will help you with all problems related to Acer projector repairs. We offer free diagnosis when some companies charge £60 +vat just to inspect your projector !

Then they tell you it cant be repaired or there are some expensive parts needed. That is not fair. We offer free diagnosis and give you a price including parts and its up to you the customer to say no thanks and walk away without losing a penny. All repairs in 24h and under £129 Yes £129 is the total price you pay. Give our friendly team a call now for free help and advice. No call centres !!

* Our free diagnosis is usually given over the phone 

Lamp Problems

When you switch on your projector the bulb should light up the colour wheel should start to spin the fans begin to whirr and the image should be nice and bright. If your projector turns on but the bulb does not light up you may need a new lamp. Some lamps actually explode inside the projector this is quite common on all makes of projectors. If this happens the projector will need to be cleaned out. If your Acer projector is not lighting up call us for free advice. If you need to buy a projector lamp we can also help too.

Colour wheel Problems

A common problem with projectors is the colour wheel. These are very thin wheels made of very delicate glass. A colour wheel may break especially if the projector has been dropped.The colour wheel over time could dull out. It may need servicing. When the projector turns on you may get a lamp or temperature warning but in some cases the problem is actually the colour wheel. Our expert team can help you diagnose the fault on your Acer projector.

Inverter Issues

The Inverter for the lamp is often called an inverter board or inverter ballast. The Inverter board gives power to the lamp. Sometimes when a lamp fails , the inverter could fail too. These inverters are usually priced at around £70 on the net. All our inverters are priced at £49.00 no exceptions. If your projector turns on but you get no image, The inverter board could be your problem. We can also help with projectors with spots on the image.

Acer Projector Repair Specialists London

Our services Include

  1. Projector turns on but no image.
  2. projector does not turn on at all.
  3. Image projected has lots of spots.
  4. image has vertical or horizontal lines.
  5. Dark blob appears on the image.
  6. Lamp problems.
  7. image flickers different colours
  8. Projector turns on then turns off after 10 minutes.
  9. Projector turns on and produces loud buzzing noise.
  10. Acer projector shows Fan Failure sign.



From our base in Canary wharf our engineers can quickly access your projector with free diagnosis. With over a decade experience fixing Acer projectors our engineers have often seen your problem with your projector. From broken power ballast to broken inverter boards we have seen it all. 

Our fast freindly service is not only great for repairs we offer free advice with 3 months warranty on all repairs and at a great location too.

* Parts may be extra but in most repairs parts are not needed.

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