The Acer X110 is a great little projector. So much power in such a small space. When new this projector beats any other on the market for value for money. This little bundle of joy has its problems but these do not occur until after a few years.

This is because when its new the fans are clean. The insides of the projector are spotless and clean. The color wheel is clean and the DMD chip is nicely cooled down. The problem arrives when the fans become blocked. This is no surprise because after a few years the projector has been sucking in cool air and blowing out hot air. This causes dust build up on the fans and internal components.

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The DMD chip starts to heat up. There are thousands of tiny mirrors on this DMD chip some of these fail. The image here shows the failure of this chip. Here at Acer Projector Repairs we can fix this issue. A DMD chip for this projector is usually £45

We charge £99 to fix this issue. This is an easy fix. Usually in 24 hours.