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How to Clean the Fans on an Acer projector

Most Acer projectors have 2 fans.

In order to clean the fans you will need to remove the outer casing. On An Acer projector this usually means removing 2-4 screws on the bottom of the projector. Be careful at this point. Be very careful. This is because this outer casing is usually connected to the motherboard of the projector by means of a thin ribbon flex cable.

We have had many over enthusiastic (technicians) rip this top cover off only to find they have broken the ribbon cable. This part is not easy to acquire.

Once you have removed this top cover you will need to remove the top heat dispenser cover. This is usually a thin plate that covers the top of the projector that helps in dissipating heat away from the lamp.

Motherboard Removal

Next you will need to remove the motherboard, usually held down with 4 screws. The next step is to remove the lens unit. First remove the color wheel that is attached to the lens unit with two thin screws.  Put this somewhere safe as its very easy to break.

Now remove the lens unit this is usually held down with 4 screws.

Now we can finally clean the fans.

acer-projector-issuesThe smaller fan is usually the one causing the problems as this is the lamp fan. This is not to be confused with the system fan. The system fan is larger. You can now use a compressor or a can of compressed air to clean both fans. Sometimes these fans can be taken to bits oiled and then put back together, but in most cases they can only be cleaned using the air.

Now you can put it all back together and the projector should run much more cooler.

Please be very careful if you attempt this as we cannot be responsible if you break any parts yourself.

Here at Acer Projector Repairs we charge just £50 for a complete service which includes cleaning the fans taking apart the color wheel and photo sensor and giving all internal parts a good clean.