Acer projector cuts out after 5 minutes

A common problem with all projectors is that they cut out after a short period of time. You will be sitting down ready to enjoy your film then bang, it just cuts out.

This problem can be caused by a number of issues. It could be your projectors primary fan. It could be the color wheel, it may be the lamp unit or the bulb, even the color wheel can cause it to switch off. So here we have a process of elimination. Changing parts will help you narrow the problem down to find the culprit. We have found though that the most common reason is the secondary fan failure. The secondary fan cools down the lamp only. Its usually a smaller lamp.

This lamp can fail especially if the bulb blew up and the glass can get stuck in the fan causing it to fail. If the projector cuts out after an hour it could be the color wheel or photo sensor. In rare circumstances the problem is the bulb itself. It may run for a while but because of old age or instability it will overheat and fail. Here at Acer repairs we can fix this problem in 24 hours