Projector with dark patch or blob on the image

Acer Projectors at times may suffer from Lens problems. This is shown as a dark patch on the image. A big dark blob on the screen. This in many cases is caused by one of the lenses inside the projector. The lens gets burned out. This may be caused by leaving the lens cap on however we have seen cases where this was not the case and the unit just burned out through overheating. Take a look at the image below.

Inside one of the lenses has burned out. This not only means the lens needs to be replaced but also the DMD chip requires cleaning and often one or two of the internal mirrors in the lens unit needs to be cleaned. The heat causes discolouring on the mirrors. This area needs to be cleaned in a dust free environment as a small speck of dust on the DMD chip or lens or mirror will show up as a small spot on the projected image. When watching a film the only thing your eyes will be drawn to will be the spot ..

We have many of these lenses in stock.

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