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If you have an Acer projector that is experiencing problems then you have come to the right place.

Here we can help you with the following issues.

  • Acer projector with Fan Failure messages.
  • Acer projector with White dots or missing pixels.
  • Acer projector not turning on.
  • Acer projector with color flickering issues.
  • Acer projector with lamp problems.
  • Acer projector cuts out after 5 minutes.

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If you press the power button on your Acer projector but it does not turn on but the power button flashes red and blue then this is almost always the Lamp. In rare circumstances there may be another issue.

Check the lamp If you remeove the 2 small screws underneath your projector this should allow you to remove the lamp. If you have replaced the lamp with a new lamp and it still does not start this may be a fan issue or even a lamp ballast failure.

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After a few years a projector will start collecting dust. The a projector works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks in air from out side but unlike a hoover it pushes hot air out again. Therein lies our problem.

Dust gets caught inside the projector and fans become blocked. Parts start to discolor and you end up with a dull image on your projector.

Dull image on the projector

Look at the image below.

Dull Color wheel.


Do you notice that the wheel is so dirty that you cannot see through it?

Now look at this second image after our engineers fixed the color wheel.


Now that is what its supposed to look like !

The customer was thrilled at the change. It was like she had a new projector.

If you have a dull image on your projector give our team a call today.

Remember all repairs are under £99





The Acer X110 is a great little projector. So much power in such a small space. When new this projector beats any other on the market for value for money. This little bundle of joy has its problems but these do not occur until after a few years.

This is because when its new the fans are clean. The insides of the projector are spotless and clean. The color wheel is clean and the DMD chip is nicely cooled down. The problem arrives when the fans become blocked. This is no surprise because after a few years the projector has been sucking in cool air and blowing out hot air. This causes dust build up on the fans and internal components.

acer repair services


The DMD chip starts to heat up. There are thousands of tiny mirrors on this DMD chip some of these fail. The image here shows the failure of this chip. Here at Acer Projector Repairs we can fix this issue. A DMD chip for this projector is usually £45

We charge £99 to fix this issue. This is an easy fix. Usually in 24 hours.



How to Clean the Fans on an Acer projector

Most Acer projectors have 2 fans.

In order to clean the fans you will need to remove the outer casing. On An Acer projector this usually means removing 2-4 screws on the bottom of the projector. Be careful at this point. Be very careful. This is because this outer casing is usually connected to the motherboard of the projector by means of a thin ribbon flex cable.

We have had many over enthusiastic (technicians) rip this top cover off only to find they have broken the ribbon cable. This part is not easy to acquire.

Once you have removed this top cover you will need to remove the top heat dispenser cover. This is usually a thin plate that covers the top of the projector that helps in dissipating heat away from the lamp.

Motherboard Removal

Next you will need to remove the motherboard, usually held down with 4 screws. The next step is to remove the lens unit. First remove the color wheel that is attached to the lens unit with two thin screws.  Put this somewhere safe as its very easy to break.

Now remove the lens unit this is usually held down with 4 screws.

Now we can finally clean the fans.

acer-projector-issuesThe smaller fan is usually the one causing the problems as this is the lamp fan. This is not to be confused with the system fan. The system fan is larger. You can now use a compressor or a can of compressed air to clean both fans. Sometimes these fans can be taken to bits oiled and then put back together, but in most cases they can only be cleaned using the air.

Now you can put it all back together and the projector should run much more cooler.

Please be very careful if you attempt this as we cannot be responsible if you break any parts yourself.

Here at Acer Projector Repairs we charge just £50 for a complete service which includes cleaning the fans taking apart the color wheel and photo sensor and giving all internal parts a good clean.



Acer projector cuts out after 5 minutes

A common problem with all projectors is that they cut out after a short period of time. You will be sitting down ready to enjoy your film then bang, it just cuts out.

This problem can be caused by a number of issues. It could be your projectors primary fan. It could be the color wheel, it may be the lamp unit or the bulb, even the color wheel can cause it to switch off. So here we have a process of elimination. Changing parts will help you narrow the problem down to find the culprit. We have found though that the most common reason is the secondary fan failure. The secondary fan cools down the lamp only. Its usually a smaller lamp.

This lamp can fail especially if the bulb blew up and the glass can get stuck in the fan causing it to fail. If the projector cuts out after an hour it could be the color wheel or photo sensor. In rare circumstances the problem is the bulb itself. It may run for a while but because of old age or instability it will overheat and fail. Here at Acer repairs we can fix this problem in 24 hours


Acer projector with marks on the image

Marks on the image can be very annoying. What causes this problem? How can it be fixed?

If you have marks on your image this is usually due to unprofessional cleaning of the internal parts of the projector. Look at the image below.


The lens is on the right. Behind the lens you have the DMD chip to the left. The light channel directs light into the DMD enclosure. If any dust gets into this channel marks will show up on the screen. Here you can see we have taped up the channel to stop dust entering the DMD enclosure.


So Here we have removed the motherboard, the ballast and most of the internal parts of the Acer projector. If a DMD chip is removed and replaced dust could get inside the DMD enclosure this will cause hairs, fluff or or other debris projected onto the image. This needs to be cleaned professionally. Never ever blast compressed air into the inside of your projector as this does not clean it it just moves the dust around and can create worse problems.


Lines on my Acer projector ?

An issue regarding lines on the projected image is very often caused by dry joints or bad contact on the main board of the projector. This can arise through overheating. Almost every problem on a projector is caused by over heating. Lamp failures, lines on the image,missing pixels and randomly switching off are all symptoms of over heating.

If you push the top off the projector the lines will often disappear although this is not recommended. Quite often some of the chips on the board will need to be reflowed especially the 8 legged integrated circuit chips. The problem also occurs very close to the DMD chip. The DMD chip gets very hot on an Acer projector. So hot that its has its own heat sink with special paste to cool the chip down.

At Acer projector repairs we charge £99 to fix this problem and have around a 70 percent chance of repair. Sometimes though an new motherboard or second user board is needed to fit it.


Projector with dark patch or blob on the image

Acer Projectors at times may suffer from Lens problems. This is shown as a dark patch on the image. A big dark blob on the screen. This in many cases is caused by one of the lenses inside the projector. The lens gets burned out. This may be caused by leaving the lens cap on however we have seen cases where this was not the case and the unit just burned out through overheating. Take a look at the image below.

Inside one of the lenses has burned out. This not only means the lens needs to be replaced but also the DMD chip requires cleaning and often one or two of the internal mirrors in the lens unit needs to be cleaned. The heat causes discolouring on the mirrors. This area needs to be cleaned in a dust free environment as a small speck of dust on the DMD chip or lens or mirror will show up as a small spot on the projected image. When watching a film the only thing your eyes will be drawn to will be the spot ..

We have many of these lenses in stock.

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